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Doris Day

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Doris Day (1957)

Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, warmi, Doris Day (* Cincinnati, 1922 mara 3 uru Yapu apthapi phaxsin yuritayna - Carmel Valley. 2019 mara 13 uru Llamayu phaxsin yuriwi),  Istadus Unidos jach'a marka pop q'uchu arsuyaña & yäpari.

Awki: William Joseph Kappelhoff; Tayka: Alma Sophie Kappelhoff.
Qusannaka: Al Jorden (1941–1943) / George Weidler (1946–1949) / Martin Melcher (1951–1968) / Barry Comden (1976–1981).
Yuqa: BTerry Melcher (1942-2004).

Álbumes de estudio

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  • 1949: You're My Thrill
  • 1950: Young Man with a Horn
  • 1950: Tea for Two
  • 1951: Lullaby of Broadway
  • 1951: On Moonlight Bay
  • 1951: I'll See You in My Dreams
  • 1953: By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  • 1953: Calamity Jane
  • 1954: Young at Heart
  • 1955: Love Me or Leave Me
  • 1955: Day Dreams
  • 1956: Day by Day
  • 1957: The Pajama Game
  • 1957: Day by Night
  • 1958: Hooray for Hollywood
  • 1959: Cuttin' Capers
  • 1960: What Every Girl Should Know
  • 1960: Show Time
  • 1961: Bright and Shiny
  • 1961: I Have Dreamed
  • 1962: Duet
  • 1962: You'll Never Walk Alone
  • 1962: Billy Rose's Jumbo
  • 1963: Annie Get Your Gun
  • 1963: Love Him
  • 1964: The Doris Day Christmas Album
  • 1964: With a Smile and a Song
  • 1965: Latin for Lovers
  • 1965: Doris Day's Sentimental Journey
  • 1994: The Love Album
  • 2011: My Heart
Mara Suti Qillqa Nota
1948 Romance on the High Seas Georgia Garrett
1949 My Dream Is Yours Martha Gibson
It's a Great Feeling Judy Adams
1950 Young Man with a Horn Jo Jordan
Tea for Two Nanette Carter
The West Point Story Jan Wilson
1951 Storm Warning Lucy Rice
Lullaby of Broadway Melinda Howard
On Moonlight Bay Marjorie 'Marjie'
I'll See You in My Dreams Grace LeBoy


Starlift Ella misma
1952 The Winning Team Aimee Alexander
April in Paris Ethel  'Dynamite'
1953 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Marjorie 'Marjie'
Calamity Jane Calamity Jane
1954 Lucky Me Candy Williams
Young at Heart Laurie Tuttle
1955 Love Me or Leave Me Ruth Etting

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Josephine 'Jo'
Julie Julie Benton
1957 The Pajama Game

Katherine 'Babe'

1958 Teacher's Pet Erica Stone
The Tunnel of Love Isolde Poole Nominada al Globo de Oro.
1959 It Happened to Jane Jane Osgood
Pillow Talk Jan Morrow Nominada al Oskar
Nominada al Globo de Oro
1960 Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Kate Robinson

Midnight Lace Kit Preston Nominada al Globo de Oro
1961 Lover Come Back Carol Templeton
1962 That Touch of Mink Cathy Timberlake
Billy Rose's Jumbo Kitty Wonder Nominada al Globo de Oro
1963 The Thrill of It All Beverly Boyer
Move Over, Darling Ellen Wagstaff Arden Nominada al Globo de Oro
1964 Send Me No Flowers Judy Kimball
1965 Do Not Disturb Janet Harper
1966 The Glass Bottom Boat Jennifer Nelson
1967 The Ballad of Josie Josie Minick
Caprice Patricia Foster
1968 Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? Margaret Garrison
With Six You Get Eggroll Abby McClure


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